Monday, February 4, 2008

A Total Nerd

I think most adults would say that as they have grown older, their taste pallet has narrowed. I would say this occurs simply because as you get older and have new experiences, you choose new favorite tastes and meals. Well, this isn't the case for me. I would have to say that if anything my pallet has just widened to include all kinds of new things and all the old as well. I don't think this is necessarily something to complain about, considering it makes me very easy to please. However, it just makes life a little harder for me when most foods I encounter I like to eat.
One of the foods I have loved as a kid is cold cereal. When my family was young there were a lot of mouths to feed, so the most cost efficent way to serve breakfast was a heaping pot of oatmeal. I don't have anything against oatmeal other then the fact that I can't stand the texture, and I had to eat it for years. I've always wondered if my mother's mantra of "it sticks to your bones" started as the reason she fed it to us, or the excuse. But, regardless of the reason, we are all healthy and I think that it did stick to our bones. (Maybe that's why they are extra thick...) The point of all of this rambling is coming....we had oatmeal to eat Monday thru Thursday, and on the blessed day of Friday, we were allowed to have cold cereal. We didn't get to pick the kinds if I remember correctly, but it didn't matter what kind, it was a miracle.
So, as an adult one of my favorite meals is cold cereal. Usually the types I like aren't the "good for your heart" or "lose a size in six weeks" kinds of cold cereal. The ones I would choose are the ones that are awesome. They are the kinds with cartoon characters and amazing words like, chocolate, marshmallows, and as seen on T.V.. So, this week at the store I happened upon my new favorite cereal. It is a new kind of Frosted Flakes, but with a Honey flavor instead of the old Frosted Flavor. One of the saddest things about the old Frosted Flakes was that they got soggy so fast. (Resulting in cereal eating too quickly, and burps afterward) But good news! This new kind of F.F. has a reformulated flake! They stand up well in milk, lasting much longer, and the flavor of the cereal is reminiscent of Golden Grahams.
Get out there and try it so it can stay as a real flavor and not disappear from my local Wal-mart!
(Disclaimer: Spell check not realize I have come to rely upon it. Apologies for any misspelled words)


jackie said...

That sounds really good! Here's something weird...I've only given Russell oatmeal a few times before and we've found out recently that he loves it. Today he asked for it for a snack and for lunch! By the way, I like your cute bookshelf you added to your blog. You should join Then we can share books we've read, are reading and want to read!

Anonymous said...

Welllll...I wouldn't want to be blasphemous, however, as with the prophets, I received the revelation and science has continued to prove it right. Just kiddin' was financial desperation then, but EVERYTHING you read now about oatmeal validates the brilliance...he, he! Love, mom