Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Note to Self...

In the future, check the highchair seat to make sure that the blueberries that Steven "fed" to Cooper were actually consumed, and not used as party favors.

(Through his jeans)

Monday, January 26, 2009

The Women

I was sitting this weekend in a room full of basketball, wrestling, and a great deal of farting, and I thought to myself, where have all the women gone? As I started to think about it, I realized that for my entire life, I have lived near at least one of my sisters, and for the first time, I don't live near a single one. In fact, for the first time in my life, I am not in a ward with one of my sisters. So, I've been thinking about that a lot lately. I don't even have any Davis nieces around. Crazy.
I've been craving my lady family, so please enjoy my montage of them...with me.
Which they aren't.
(Come on guys! Someone change your life for me!)

(I love this picture because one of my sisters is getting me ready for my wedding, and another sister is fixing another sister's hair. In the same room.)

(Also, this picture is awesome because flowers fell out of my bouquet, and my two VERY pregnant sisters were the ones to bend down for me. Oops. Love you guys.)

On a side note, these pictures have caused hope to rise within me that one day, I shall not have pregnant cheeks anymore! I had forgotten that they weren't always there. (Cut me some slack, I've been pregnant for virtually two years in a row.)

I love you guys!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Round Two

Everybody remember this guy? Well, look what I found today!

One of the female persuasion.

She needs a name everybody...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It's Back

And therefore, I am back.
(I'm referring to my computer of course!)
Thank you so much Dan for restoring my computer to it's full health.
As previously mentioned....I am back in action. Yippee!
Things have been pretty busy around here.
Cooper has very much been enjoying having is older cousins around, so much that I pretty much become invisible whenever they're here. Matt has taught Cooper how to blow raspberries with his tongue, and I'm starting to believe that that is how he will communicate with us forever. I'm learning a lot about wrestling, and so is Cooper, as seen below.

I celebrated my 24th birthday a few weekends ago, and it was such a fun day. Somehow, we managed to see two moose (or is it moosen?) on my birthday. It was crazy to see them so close, or at all for that matter. (For those interested, a lot of wildlife has come down from the mountains in search of food because of the crazy winter we are having, so moose sighting are happening pretty frequently)

(Beware, a lot of Cooper's about to be mentioned.
1. The Cooper's- Wonderful friends of the family
2. Cooper the Horse- Horse given to us from friends of family, and thus named after them
3. Cooper- son of Steven and Cassie, named for Jim Cooper, mentioned first)
The Coopers (1) came this weekend to move Cooper (2) to their home in Asotin. Cooper (2) hasn't been ridden a lot lately, and they have the facilities and the time to care for her. So, she's visiting them until there is someone here of age to care for her. It was so fun to get to visit with them, and for them to get to see Cooper (3) since they hadn't seen him since before his surgery.

We were a bit concerned about getting Cooper (2) in the trailer, because her last experience was so awful. She was being backed out, and her back leg went under the trailer, causing a very severe injury which needed surgery and very long recuperation. Since her last memories weren't so sweet, we were concerned about her hopping in. It took a few hours, but between Mom, Sue and Jim, they got her in. The three unhelpfuls stood around taking pictures and muttering under their breath.
The unhelpfuls being the pregnant (me), the sore knees (Dad), and the loud noise maker (Tim).

Later that night, we all headed out to dinner to celebrate Matt's birthday! We had so much fun at dinner on Saturday night, and then another family dinner on Sunday. Somehow for both of Matt's parties we ended up having Mexican food, but the highlight of the evening was Steven's (from scratch) Red Velvet Cake. Way to go babe!

Cooper loves the black beans. We do not appreciate the aftermath of the black beans.

We had such a crazy weekend, that for the very first time in his life, Cooper fell asleep at church.
I knew something was different when I came out of Primary and nobody was waiting for me. I went into the gym and found this...

On a side note, we went to the doctor this week, and they informed us that the baby is completely sideways. (How many times had a I told them that already!!)

Anyway, if she doesn't turn in the next couple of weeks, we'll be having a c-section this time. Turn un-named baby, turn!

We're back!

Monday, January 19, 2009

It Happened...

Someone actually said to me this weekend,
"You're pregnant? I thought you just gained some weight..."
I replied with sniffles..

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I'm Demented

Lately Cooper has really enjoyed playing together on the floor. By far my favorite part of this experience happens when I'm laying on my back and Cooper decides to give me a kiss. He crawls into a standing position, and then plants both hands on either side of my face and lowers himself with his mouth WIDE open. It has always made me giggle sort of nervously, and then I realized that a lot of people probably giggle when they receive the Dementor's Kiss.
It's official. I'm demented.
(If the above reference means nothing to here)
(Also, pictures are on hold for now, my laptop is visiting the computer hospital for surgery...
I love you Dan!)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Wherever Cooper is, Mason is. They are so goofy together, it's been pretty fun.
(And useful)

So much fun.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Things I'm Outnumbered By
  • Boys. My brother Matt and his two boys came to stay with us for a while, (which we are loving) but that makes it 5 boys to 1 girl here.
  • Gaming Systems. We had the Xbox before everybody got here, but now every gaming system known to man is used almost daily here. Some of those games are crazy!
  • Things that are breaking or broken. My computer for one, the truck's passenger window which decided to start sliding down, the Jetta's tires (we tried to go have new ones put on but couldn't even make it out of street), and my will to get ready, ever.
  • Weeks left in this pregnancy. We are getting really excited!
  • Baby names. Every time I get comfortable with a baby girl name, Steven decides that he doesn't like it, and we start all over again.
  • Days of the week that Steven is working. I miss him.
  • Feet of Snow. When is that stuff going to give it a rest for a while?
  • People who are farting. Man, boys can fart. I thought that growing up with all my sisters I'd seen everything, but they can really fart.
  • Cooper's elusive top teeth. I can see them, they can see me, but they have refused to fully come in for weeks.
  • Dishes. I used to be able to con Steve into doing the dishes, but since he's been working so much, it's all me.

Not really in my favor...