Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Blythe (Again?!)

When I was pregnant with Blythe, I knew that it was a different from my pregnancy with Abby, but really similar to my pregnancy with Cooper. When I was pregnant with Cooper he just kinda rolled around all the time. (Except for when his foot was stuck in my rib) With Abby I felt like I had a teeny tiny boxer in my tummy. I felt like she was always throwing punches in there. So, when I was pregnant with Blythe it was easy to feel the rolling, and I thought she just might be built more like Cooper.
And she is. We took her in for her 2 month checkup yesterday, and she's off the charts for height and in the 97th percentile for her weight. In fact she's double her birth weight, weighing almost 14 pounds. Even though she is amazingly cute and pudgy the best part about Blythe is that she is ALWAYS happy. She is peaceful and calm, and she loves everyone who locks eyes with her.
Sometimes I feel so lucky to be there Mom, but lately I just feel lucky that we get to be together all the time.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Parachute Dress

I wanted to post these pictures of our Abby in the family parachute dress. I think I talked about it before, but this dress was made from a World War 2 parachute and every girl in our family from my mom down has had pictures taken in it, and here are Abby's.

I couldn't resist posting this one. We don't see Abby's crossed eyes anymore, and I couldn't resist this walk down memory lane. How cute.
Love you Abby.
(Huge Thanks Randi!)

Friday, October 8, 2010

These two are just too ridiculous lately.
Ever since Abby got her glasses she can't stop kissing people, and her brother hasn't been able to dodge that bullet...

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

She's Pretty Chill

Blythe fell asleep while Auntie was ready stories to the other kids...

Baby Blythe

This little girl is in one of my favorite stages. She's still a little baby, but she's beginning to talk a lot, and she's smiling like crazy.
Best of all, she's consistently sleeping through the night.
Love you Baby B!

Friday, October 1, 2010

The Unveiling...

Presenting our little Babber's in glasses!
We are so excited for her, she's totally loving them.
For a few months now, in public Abby would go cross eyed when someone would talk to her that she wasn't really familiar with. Then, more and more she started to do it at home, so we took her to the eye doctor. Turns out, she's extremely far-sighted, so interacting with strangers was hard for her since she couldn't focus on their faces.
When we went to pick her glasses up, Candy and I headed to Costco directly after, and she was saying hi to everyone over and over again. She is like a whole new baby. With the glasses I'm suddenly reminded that she is still very much a baby. She is doing such a good job keeping them on (strapping them on helped too..) but we are beyond proud of her.
(Editors note...I recognize they are crooked in every picture...
I've become resolved that I think it's just the way they fit her head!)

Congratulations Babbs!