Wednesday, September 29, 2010

He's not sleeping.
Naps? You must be crazy.
The other night, mid-diaper change Steven stepped out of the room to grab him some jammies, and while Steve was gone, Cooper ran to his room and grabbed his pillow and blanket and set up camp next to our bed. He acted like he sleeps there all the time, I don't know what got into him. Slumber party anyone? (Remember...he doesn't sleep!)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Spirit of Adventure

The other day I encountered some of my nephews playing together, and I couldn't help but smile. I love remembering the days when we truly thought we were capable of anything. Capable of our bikes going Mach speed and needing goggles, building teepees from tarps, building hideouts that truly would stand the test of time.
I realized after I took this picture that even though our dreams may change over time, we can still dream just as big. Our lives and understandings change, but that doesn't mean that our ability to dream should.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Low Picture Quality, High Kid Quality

This picture didn't quite make it into the other post, but I couldn't resist it.
If you look really close you can see that they are both laughing.
My mom always said that Heavenly Father sends certains kids at certain times on purpose. I completely agree.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Cutest 2 Month Old Girl In Our House

This girl is too much fun. She's always cheerful, a great sleeper, and best of all, she puts up with way too much crazy around here. I wanted to capture some of her first smiles, which she is very generous with they are.

Mid-photo shoot this guy poked his head in to see what was going on. Then, unprovoked he did this.
My heart squeezed a bit and I thought, "This boy is almost grown up!"
And then he sat next to me and did this.
I think I've got a bit more time.
(To say the least!)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Some days I actually feel like Mr. Incredible is my life-saver.
I love you Pixar!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Breaks My Heart, In A Good Way

I had a lot of fun opportunities and experiences when I was young, but the ones I remember fondest were my experiences that involved horses. Even though I was part of a family of ten, my parents figured out a way for me to get to have horses. Looking back, I have no idea how they did it.
I have so many fun memories with our horses, mostly involving my sisters. From 4-H to trail riding with the sheriff's posse and even driving the draft horse teams. I loved each moment. When I was young I was such an introvert that my horse was just about the only living thing I talked to outside of my family. When we had to put him down while I was in high school, something in my heart shut. I had horse experiences after he left, but they were never the same.
After we first got married I was surprised to learn that Steven loved horses. He's always joked around about having horses and maybe some property and I've always laughed and thought, maybe...
Then we went to the fair. We walked through the draft horse barn and I watched my children (and my husband) connect with these amazing animals. As I watched them I felt my heart open just a little bit more. As I watched each of their faces change I realized that this might be one of those things that isn't my choice. It's amazing to see the instant love that they each had.
It breaks my heart, in a good way.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

How Much Trouble Are You Worth?

This little girl is definitely a hand-full.

She is so funny, but she is so much work. We've struggled through so many things together, and just when I think we've conquered something...we always end back up at square one. From the first few days of Abby's life, we've struggled with her skin. She scratches, it's dry, lotion burns name it, we've dealt with it. I'd thought we were passed it, but we're back in the thick of her issues. As we speak she's in the tub soaking, one of the only places where she will relax.
Abby figured out when she was really young how to cross her eyes, but she's doing it so much now that we're going to have to go get that checked opinion about her eyes changes almost weekly. Days will go by and she won't cross them, but then we go to church or out with different people, and she crosses them the whole time. Eye doctor, here we come.
Abby loves to talk. Her verbal skills have increased Cooper's. I love hearing her say new words, her little voice is so cute.
Babs is not sleeping well lately. It feels like every nap and night is a struggle. Blythe sleeps through the night better then Abby does.
But, when the moments come where she turns to me and smiles (and usually raises her eyebrows) all those things are forgotten, and I remember that she is a little baby girl. One day I'll have forgotten these struggles and we'll be on to bigger and more complicated ones. I'm learning to appreciate these baby moments. (I'm chanting that in my head... over and over...)
We love our little Babby.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Little Bit of Proud Bragging

I'm sure that everyone thinks that they married the perfect guy, but I can actually say that I did.
For the past few months, things haven't been easy for Steven. He's been facing struggles everyday. But somehow, he still manages to be an amazing example. For a few months he'd told me about someone at work asking him questions about the gospel, and how it brightened his day each time. Then one day he called me to tell me that she and her husband were getting baptized, and that she had asked him to baptize her. The baptism was amazing.
The next day Steven babysat so I could go to the adult session of Stake Conference. Imagine my surprise when the Mission Presidents wife spoke about member missionaries and then preceded to tell the story about Steven and the woman at his work. Apparently one of the missionaries at the baptism was going home that night, and told the President and his wife all about it.
I was so proud of Steven for being exactly who he is everyday. He is such an example to me and everyone around him. How lucky I am to have married someone who is an amazing husband, father, and Priesthood holder.

Love you Babe.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Princess Victoria

Tori has been the most amazing helper with Baby you Tori.