Thursday, December 27, 2007

A little sledding

This is VERY early Christmas morning. I knew that Steven would want to play with his toys, and also that we had a day of family things, so I woke him up at 5:00 to start Christmas. (Selfish motivation perhaps...remember I can't sleep at night..) So, this was his stocking stuffer. We thought it was a light saber, but it turned out to be what Steven calls a "light dagger". Realize that the poor toy is intended for children and not the full grown man who has been walking around for days with it clipped to his belt loop.

This picture is of Obi-Wan-Ka-nerdy using the force with his light dagger.

This is Steven playing with some more of his presents. I promptly fell asleep while he played games for about 3 hours. I especially love the second picture because you can see the sustenance scattered around.

We came out to the cabins yesterday to hang out with everyone for a while before everyone needed to get back to normal life. We have had SO MUCH fun playing the new game Rock Band. I am totally embarrased to do anything like that usually, but I am so into it now. Anyone who has a chance should definitely give it a shot! We played last night, with some staying up til 6:00 this morning (Tyler...)
Along with us starting our new band, we also have had so much snow dump on us, so we've been able to sled, and in some people's people sled.
This is Steven with our niece Sydni, she convinced Steven that if he would pull the sled up the hill, then he could have turns with her. Suckah!

This is Mercer, one of our best buddies.

We love the cabins!
The Daines

Saturday, December 22, 2007


This is a VERY happy boy. Steven loves horses, but he is very allergic to them. He takes allergy medications, but he is always in hives by the time we are done. So, for an activity this Saturday we went over to the ranch with Liz and Tim. We couldn't have asked for a better time, plus it started to snow so hard while we were there! Here are a few pics of the day...

This is Tim with Bravo. I love how comfortable Tim is with the horses. This picture in particular is amazing to me because you can see Tim talking to Bravo, on a side note it's also very fun to hear the things that Tim says to the horses..

Cooper (The horse)

This picture is awesome. In particular I enjoy the feet. Technically if he had stirrups on, that's exactly how his feet should be. It just looks silly without them there.

This is Steven attemping the "leg up" mount that you often see in movies. The first time he hurt his back, and the second time he made it! Later in the day he tried to hop on from an incline and went up and over and off the other guys missed out!

This was one of my favorite pictures of the day.

Friday, December 21, 2007

I'm awake...

For any of you who know my nephew Mercer...the phrase,"I'm awake..." is one you sort of dread. He sort of hollers this from his bed to let you know he's awake and just laying there, as I am now.
This part of my pregnancy has been largely defined by the fact that I really can't sleep at night. Nights are filled with short spurts of sleep, with strange dreams that make me wake me up and realize that I either need to pee or the baby is moving like a nutsy pants. Last night I had a dream that I was in sacrament meeting and someone was sitting on my lap, turns out I woke up and just REALLY needed to use the bathroom.
But, as fascinating as all that was, I am actually awake today for an entirely different reason. At precisely 5:50, both mine and Steven's cell phones went off. We were both pretty startled (causing Steven to reassure me several times by telling me it was just the stools in the kitchen, we have no stools in our kitchen) But, it turns out it was just Mom. She apparently has some Christmas shopping she would like to discuss before I head out to pick up Liz and finish the Christmas shopping. (At 10) So, I called her, got dad, was taken into the bathroom where I could hear her blow drying her hair, and I was told that this was a very critical part of her get ready time, she would have to call me back. Here I sit 40 minutes later, wide awake, waiting for the call.
So, for all you sisters out there who have wished to be closer...just consider!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Startling Realization..

I had a moment today. I was listening to Steven speaking to one of our sisters-in-law, and as they discussed the upcoming holiday Heather signed off by saying that they had to run to a pack meeting. They joked around about beads and badges, and I sat frozen listening. I realized that I am going to have to go through the scouting program with our future boy. I thought I was done with that when Tim FINALLY got his Eagle.
I was remembering all the projects and meetings and I had a moment of pouting. Flashbacks of lost scout shirts, badges that hadn't been sewn...I want to type the noise I feel like making, but have discovered that there is no way to type it phonetically. But, I guess the really good news is that we have a future Dad, Uncles, and Grandpa's in the area to get to be part of this family's scouting.
The Daines

Sunday, December 16, 2007

You Thought Our Obsession Would End?

Anyone who knows us even the teeniest tiniest bit knows that we LOVE Lord of the Rings. Amazingly, we loved in individually before we were married, and sometimes now it seems that it's the glue that holds this whole thing together. We end up watching it all the time as we do other things, but we typically watch all three probably at least every two weeks. I know everyone is thinking, "How sad..", but we love it!

But, as I sit this morning watching the first movie, I am looking over my computer at my husband who is playing a Lord of The Rings computer game. It's something about building civilizations and fighting and trying to come out on top. Tyler gave him the game last year (Thanks Tyler) and recently it has resurfaced. I am starting to wonder if this game is starting to dominate our lives more than the movie.

Steven came down after waking up this morning, and pulled out his computer and even skipped breakfast. Watching him play is very entertaining...for instance I just took a picture of him playing, and he didn't even look up.

So, the jury is out on whether this will continue or not. Usually after a few hours he'll look up and say, "I should probably stop, huh..." With an incredibly sheepish look on his face.

The Daines (actually just Cassie as I could be jumping up and down and doing some tribal dance and Steven would have no idea)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Baking day

Today was a very fun, very long day. Steven and I decided to do Christmas plates for people in our families, people at work, tenats...etc. So, I went and got everything for the plates yesterday which seemed to be a popular idea considering that I had to park the cart in another isle and go back and forth to the baking isle because it was so crowded. (All with children, be very jealous...I can still do that!)
So, the baking bonanza began with Tim arriving at our house last night at about 9:30, and promptly informing me that he never had dinner. Awesome. After dinner and The Biggest Loser, (I hope Holly wins...but I have a sneaky feeling it's going to be Bill) we had family prayer with Tim, which is always fun because when he is with us we make him say it. It was a very special one because he called me his fun sister in the prayer! Poor kid. He is so starved for his other sisters he thinks I'm the fun one!
So, this morning Tim, Candy, Tori and I watched the third Pirates and I baked and baked. It was actually very fun, although somewhat of a challenge because one of my in-laws is very allergic to nuts, so all peanut butter ideas were nixed, along with anything that had anything to do with nuts. (Love you Jarom!)
The highlight of the morning had to be when Tori was playing with a ball ornament from the Christmas tree, and thinking it was a regular ball threw it against the wall, where it promptly shattered. Don't worry, no one hurt!
So, we had a big day with a lot of movies and sugar, and what seemed like 9 boxes of butter!
I hope everyone is having as much fun preparing for Christmas as we are, although as I get older I'm realizing that "Preparing for Christmas" is actually what Christmas is!
The Daines

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Pain in the patoot.

Regarding my Birthday post...I have had a frustrating time posting pictures the last few days. Any tricks to formatting your pictures so they are more easily manipulated? This post is hopefully an excuse for all the extra space at the bottom of the birthday post.
Any tips are happily accepted!


Sammy had a birthday everybody! He turned one yesterday, and Eva turns one today. Happy Birthday Eva! We went to Sammy's party yesterday and here are a few pictures. Sammy loved his cake, and he also loved the orange light before the flash of the camera, causing him to almost always squint right before the picture is taken. See below...

Love you Sammy!

Monday, December 10, 2007

The last few days...

We had such a fun weekend. On Friday night Steven and I went and picked out our tree and a tree for the Javier's. We have learned that it is so much cheaper to go to Home Depot the first time! We always search around, going to a few of the set-up stands along the side of the road, but I think we are pretty settled on going to Home Depot each year.

Saturday morning we got up fairly early, I made breakfast for Steve and my parents and I to take to the Javiers. So, we went down to their house and had a surprise breakfast and put up decorations and their Christmas tree. It was so much fun to have everyone around and everyone really seemed to have a good time together.

After the Javier festivites we came home and set up our tree. Now, before viewing the picture, you have to understand a few things. We brought our tree home the previous night and had planned on decorating and all that the night before, but when we thought about our tree height before we left we didn't plan on the fact that your tree stand adds extra height. So, even before we could get our tree standing upright we had to hack off about a foot of the tree with a kitchen I know. Then, after trying to get our tree to stand for about and hour Steven and I both gave up. It leaned in the corner all night. Our only thought was that maybe we would have to wire it to the wall. But, after we got done at the Javier's I asked Dad to go and help our tree, which he did in a matter of seconds by turning the tree and leaning the heaviest part into the corner. SO....when you see this decorated tree...realize that it was a lot of work!

One of our favorite Christmas traditions is to have smaller tree in our room. The tradition started last year in our teeny Utah apartment when Steven wanted to sleep on our living room floor every night so he could be close to the tree. To compromise and also to get a good nights sleep I suggested a smaller tree in our room. So, this is Steven decorating the special upstairs tree.

Oh wait! That is Steven distracted by Muppet Christmas is the real decorating.

We had so much fun with our trees. The weekend was topped off with Tim's NIC Concert Choir performing that night. We went to the concert and had so much fun. The Wind Symphony played the Mannheim Steamroller's version of Hark the Herald Angels Sing, and it was so fun! At one point they played Sleigh Ride, and Mason turned to Grandma and said, " I know that one! It's from Elf!!

Tori pretty much dealt with the weekend the way that I like to.

Yesterday Steven and I were invited to look through his parents decorations from past years and see if there was anything that we would like to have at our house. Steven found a few things that he remembered from when he was little, and it was fun to see him relive those memories with his Mom. It was very educational to hear of the Christmas traditions (there was some mention of Steven and Tyler riding the stuffed sheep from the manger scene?), and fun to be with family as usual.

Well, I think this is it for now, we are having a wonderful Christmas season and we hope the same is true for everyone else as well...

The Daines

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A Proud Sister

Recently I have been very impressed by one of my sisters in particular.

This is my sister Jackie with her cute family. This is her husband Russell, and their sons Russell, Trey, and Keyan. Jackie is two sisters older then me and such a wonderful example.
Jackie has always had the sweetest, most loving, quiet disposition (until late at night...then she's a wild pants). I have always been very influenced by her but even more so recently. Jackie has had a HUGE year, and she has handled so gracefully.
Russell finished his masters degree at BYU, they sold their home in Utah, had a baby at home alone unintentionally, and moved away from all their family and friends to Ohio for medical school. I was worried about Jack when they announced which school they were headed to, only because I am such a family-body and I know that she is too. But, I have been so impressed with the enthusiasm and fun that she has associated with this new stage in her life.
I hope that this doesn't embarress her too much (I know it did a lot), but I just wanted her to know that I am so proud of her, and I never thought it was possible to learn so much from someone so far away. I love you Jackie, and I miss you terribly!

A Special Note To Jackie
(I hope you understand that this was all a ploy to get some of those famous Christmas treats up here in the North...Love you!)

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Christmas Light Extravaganza

Since I was little, decorating the house for Christmas has been a huge deal. Mainly because my Mom loved it so much (I think), but my idea of Christmas decorating has been Mom giving instructions and everyone including Dad sort of falling in line. I never once saw my dad complain, and I was too excited to even think about complaining. So....

When it came time to decorate our house for Christmas this year I was very excited.I had a plan for every part. I put garland on the banister. (the poinsetta's were what Steven remembered his Mom decorating with each year on the stairs, so we compromised).

I had so much fun getting the decorations out from last year! Here is just one more taste of the decorating...(extra points if you can figure out what I was watching!!)

Strangely, it doesn't look decorated here, but in person it seems much more overdone.

So, when it came time to do the outside lights on the house, I was excited to press forward and get it done (I'm told I was very particular about the way I saw it being done...thanks Mom!). But, once my husband got up on the first level on our roof, I was quickly informed that there was only one way to do it, (not the way I had planned) and also that he needed to get off the roof and take a nap because he felt like he was going to throw up because he was so scared. So, I tried to coax him off the lower level of our roof telling him it wasn't bad, etc...when it suddenly became very clear that he was too scared to come down alone. SO, I climbed the ladder made my way onto the roof and talked my husband down.

Needless to say, at this point I thought all hope for outside lights was lost, I was in fact informed that day that this was the case.

So, today as I was taking a nap, I woke up to find that my husband had climbed out our window in our bedroom and was putting up the Christmas lights. He did such a good job and later told me that he thinks that it is just the ladder that scares him. Here are some pictures of his triumph.

I know that is very difficult to see the lights at all (they are blue), but I just wanted to show my cute husband and what he did for our little family.

Isn't he adorable?

Some pictures....

I have a lot of family, and sometimes I love the pictures I see of them so much that I want to see them all the time, so here are a few recent ones of Liz, Tori, and Dad. I love these guys so much, and we had so much fun over the Thanksgiving weekend.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Some survey for me (Steven)

Favorite Movies:
Well that's easy - The Sweater Movies (Bourne I, S, U)
- Princess Bride
- Transformers

I'd Rather Be...
- Reading a book similar to Ender's Game
- Snowboarding
- Kissing the Blonde
- Exercising

Guilty pleasures
- food
- Ice cream (it makes me sick)
- Playing with childrens toys (playmobile, western and medieval)

I' like to learn...
- How to relax

And The Survery Says!!!

Randi tagged me so here goes nothing....

Places I've lived....
  • State College, Pennsylvania
  • Clarkston, Washington
  • Hayden Lake, Idaho
  • Provo, Utah
  • Burbank, California
  • Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
  • Orem, Utah
  • Lancaster, California
  • Elko, Nevada
  • Post Falls, Idaho

Jobs I've Had...

  • Dry Cleaner
  • Nanny
  • Piano Teacher
  • Swimming Teacher
  • Hotel Concierge
  • Draft Horse Teamster
  • Newpaper Deliverer
  • Water Meter Reader
  • Model Home Manager
  • Mom's personal assistant (Feels like my whole life...)

Movies I Can Watch Over and Over

  • There are so many!!
  • Anna and the King
  • Any Christmas Movie
  • Lord of the Rings
  • Harry Potter Movies
  • Any well done romance, P&P, Emma, Sense and Sensibility, The Holiday...the list is endless.
  • Any awesome government movie that makes me feel patriotic and proud of my dad..Clear and Present Danger, Independence Day, etc....
  • Moveis that my husband loves...(JASON BOURNE ANYONE?!!!)

Guilty Pleasures

  • Friends (The tv show, I know...not actual people)
  • Reading
  • TV shows that my husband won't watch with me
  • Baking
  • I check everyday!

Favorite T.V. Shows

  • The Hills
  • The Office
  • 30 Rock
  • Jon and Kate plus 8
  • Whatever show comes on after Jon and Kate on TLC (stories of families who have tons of kids)
  • The Biggest Loser
  • Any Bravo show, Housewives, Top Chef, Project Runway...etc.

Favorite Vacations

  • Whenver anyone comes to visit the family here in Idaho
  • Being out at the lake cabins
  • Camping at Dinosaur National Park with Steven and the Dogs

I'd Rather Be...

  • Reading
  • Watching T.V.
  • Eating out
  • Under a blanket somewhere
  • With my sisters and their kids
  • Watching it snow

I'd like to learn how to...

  • Play the cello
  • Speak a new language
  • Enjoy working out
  • Dominate my brother in law at any video game
  • See the good in people first

Happy Moments

  • Doing anything with Steven (except budget meetings...yuck!)
  • Coming home to the dogs when I have treats for them
  • Finding out we were pregnant, and also finding out it is a boy
  • Doing things for my mom
  • Watching Tim laugh and shake his whole body for effect
  • Having experiences with my new family (in laws)
  • Eating something I cooked because I wanted to eat it

I'm done! I tag Candy and're up!

Oh Brother...

I am totally excited about posting right now, so don't blame me if I post a million times and then fall off the map.
I wanted to post a picture of one of our dogs. This is Brother.
We have three dogs, and Brother was the last to join our family.
We love this dog so much. He is a gorgeous guy, but we joke with each other that there doesn't seem to be much going on upstairs, but last night he proved us wrong...twice.
At our house the dogs have a kennel out in the garage that they rough house, eat and generally cause problems in. The one thing we don't really deal with is barking...except from Brother. He barks on and off throughout the day, usually when there is another dog around, or just to hear the sound of his own bark.
Yesterday Steven and I were in the kitchen just having gotten back from church, and Brother started barking like crazy. I opened the kitchen door to tell him to try his hardest to keep it together, when I looked beyond the dogs and saw that our car had slid out of our driveway and into the street. Brother was unable to contain himself, hopping around and barking. So, Steve moved the car back, and we went upstairs to change out of our church clothes. So, when the barking like mad started again, we look outside to see that once again our car was in the street.
So, I guess even though he causes us grief....everyone once and a while it's okay to groan...."Oh Brother...."

Sunday, December 2, 2007

And so it begins...

Hey Everyone...
I have resisted as long as possible, but it seems that I am destined to try blogging along with everyone else. I love reading other peoples blogs, and the more I do, the more I am excited to start to chronicle the crazy things that happen in my life as well.
Not a whole lot has happened to Steven and I lately. We just got back from an awesome trip to Utah, where his dad was inducted into the Utah Technology Hall of Fame. It was amazing. We were able to fly down on Thursday and stay in the beautiful Grand America Hotel. That place was amazing! The hotel was gorgeous and it was really fun to have family all around. We went to a very special/formal dinner held to honor Steven's dad and one other inductee. It was really insightful to hear what his dad had accomplished and also to hear what other people in his field had to say about him.
So! We got home last night and were happy to come home to a clean house(we cleaned forever before we left) and to laze around and watch movies.
We have so much fun together. I love Steven so much, he is the best husband, and he takes such good care of me.
Well! More to come later....