Friday, January 29, 2010

Hot Mamas and One Very Cute Mama's Boy

Last night a few of us headed over to PF Chang to celebrate the upcoming arrival of Baby Girl Seliger. We had such a great time. Afterwards we went to a small old theater in Spokane and watched Young Victoria. Did anybody else see that? I LOVED it. It was clean and fun.
And yesterday, Sammy made a stacking tower of toys and buckets to get up on this shelf, unfortunately it collapsed behind him, leaving him stuck on the shelf. Of course, he was a little sad, but we left him up long enough to take a picture...
Happy Friday!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

One of Those Days

I'm having one of those special days. You know, the ones where your kids have been consistently good for a couple of days, and you look at them and think, "Wow. I got so lucky with these guys."
Cooper is learning so much. His words are becoming intelligible, and he is the sweetest guy this side of the Mississippi. He is eating everything really well, and sleeping habits are returning back to normal after our crib/bed switcheroo.
Abby is crazy. She is a high pitched squawker who loves her brother and daddy. She is also a great eater, but doesn't like to have any extra rolls. She is a mover, but most certainly not quite coordinated yet. She's super skinny and adorable.
Love you two.

Cooper's Blizzard

A few days ago we woke up to a freak snowstorm. You'd think that in Northern Idaho there would be no such thing, but there is this winter. We have had almost no snow at all. So, we were enjoying the snow from our warm bed, and Cooper was freaking out at the window, watching. We watched him for a while, and I think one of us even said, "Wow! He really likes snow..." Then we realized that the poor child might actually like to go OUT in the snow. He was too little to play in it last year, and this year we haven't had any, so he had never played in it. We got all his gear together and went to check it out.

Wow, that window is dirty. Wonder why?
We had so much fun even though the snow barely covered the ground and the abruptly stopped. Cooper loved it, and was pretty pooped after.
Maybe we'll get one good snow this year for sledding?! Here's hoping.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Backpack Buddies

I'm saved. Someone finally came up with the solution of two of my greatest conundrums. We've finally found a way to corral this crazy girl, and also a way to keep her as close to her daddy as possible.

I must admit that it has started to feel like our conversations aren't quite as private as they used to be...eavesdropper...

Thanks Kevin and Heather!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Can I? Please!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I usually don't watch links that are sent to me, but I watched this video that my sister sent me. Really made me cry, a lot. Thanks Ginny!

Monday, January 18, 2010


Lately, Cooper's been heading over to NIC to watch some basketball games. Steven and I have gone to a few, but mostly we send him over with family, and he is just absorbed into the group. HE LOVES IT. We've always wondered what kind of stuff he would be interested in when he was older...and I think basketball might be one of those things. It's fun to think of Grandpa helping coach little Coops!

For arguments sake, it must be mentioned that he is treated to endless snack bar treats.
Look at those cheeks!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Some Happenings...

Surprise! Things are crazy around here. So, the other day I was sitting downstairs with a few children when I realized a few other children had escaped from the toy room upstairs. When I say escaped, it was actually a true escape considering that I lock the door from the outside. (Don't judge...) So, Coops and Annie had escaped and I found them in my room. Cooper had found the baby shampoo, opened it, and had poured a goodly amount upon Annie's head, and was subsequently trying to wash her hair, dry. See below.

Also, Cooper's entourage is getting a little extensive for my taste. He started with Puppy, then added Hippo. A few months ago Hippo started to look a bit down-trodden, so we convinced Aunt Liz to donate the unused Hippo that she had. I had hidden the new Hippo for months, but a few days ago, he was discovered. So, the new group includes, Puppy, Hippo, and Hippo. He's often walking around hunched over to try to carry them all at the same time.

(Our family is really creative at naming stuffed animals...)

The other day through a series of unplanned events, we ended up in the car for WAY too long. Sometimes the only way to keep the peace is to take some pictures. Our boy loves the camera, it's pretty awesome.

I had a birthday last week! (So did Candy...)

We headed out to Wolf Lodge for our birthday dinner. I love that place. I may want to be buried there. When we got out there, we discovered that even when you think you leave your kids behind, it's sort of impossible. We found these things in Steven's pockets.

We had our family dinner on Sunday, and Cooper blew out his first candle. Less blowing and mores spitting, but it was a milestone nonetheless.
Also, this little girl who isn't little anymore went to the doctor this week. She's 31 inches long, and 19 and 1/2 pounds. That puts her in the 99th percentile, and the 50th. She's long and lean. It's so fun to look back on the pictures from when she was a newborn, we can't wait to see our new baby in July. We're pregnant!
Also, Harley sneezed on Liz at dinner. It was awesome.

Happy Happenings!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Abby: A Goof In Pictures

For every picture I take of Abby, usually I get one good one, and then several other kind of strange ones. She is great at making crazy faces right when the camera comes out. She is just like her daddy, always finding herself in some funny predicament, or just hamming it up for everyone else to enjoy.

Love you Babigail.

Monday, January 4, 2010

We cut Cooper's hair today. I've been thinking about it for a while, and after realizing yesterday at church that I could put his hair in a considerable ponytail, it was decided.


We had such a fun time, and Cooper was the best boy. He laughed and wiggled, but I was so surprised at how well he did. Nevertheless, he was quite tired after.

Meanwhile, Abby is still campaigning to be mayor of Crazyville.

Thanks for cutting Cooper's hair Candy, sorry it made you cry.