Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Baking day

Today was a very fun, very long day. Steven and I decided to do Christmas plates for people in our families, people at work, tenats...etc. So, I went and got everything for the plates yesterday which seemed to be a popular idea considering that I had to park the cart in another isle and go back and forth to the baking isle because it was so crowded. (All with children, be very jealous...I can still do that!)
So, the baking bonanza began with Tim arriving at our house last night at about 9:30, and promptly informing me that he never had dinner. Awesome. After dinner and The Biggest Loser, (I hope Holly wins...but I have a sneaky feeling it's going to be Bill) we had family prayer with Tim, which is always fun because when he is with us we make him say it. It was a very special one because he called me his fun sister in the prayer! Poor kid. He is so starved for his other sisters he thinks I'm the fun one!
So, this morning Tim, Candy, Tori and I watched the third Pirates and I baked and baked. It was actually very fun, although somewhat of a challenge because one of my in-laws is very allergic to nuts, so all peanut butter ideas were nixed, along with anything that had anything to do with nuts. (Love you Jarom!)
The highlight of the morning had to be when Tori was playing with a ball ornament from the Christmas tree, and thinking it was a regular ball threw it against the wall, where it promptly shattered. Don't worry, no one hurt!
So, we had a big day with a lot of movies and sugar, and what seemed like 9 boxes of butter!
I hope everyone is having as much fun preparing for Christmas as we are, although as I get older I'm realizing that "Preparing for Christmas" is actually what Christmas is!
The Daines


Mama Kaos said...

Sounds like so much fun. We are doing our baking day next Friday. I am always amazed at how much butter we go too... no wonder why everything tastes so good :). Ahhh Christmas!

Jackie said...

I cannot wait for the finale next week! I love seeing how everyone looks. You never can tell at the beginning of the season how attractive some of the people really are! I wish I could have shared in your baking day yesterday!

Jessica said...

After you have kids, you can still leave your cart in one aisle and run to the other...just threaten severely.

I want to see a picture of what you baked...and recipes!

onegotaway said...

Woo-Hooo. Got a shout-out, albeit a negative one.

Bizzer said...

That is so funny! I wish I was there it sounds so fun! P.S. You are a fun sister...regarding the newest post! Love you tons see you soon!