Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Update for Steven...

We are having a great time. There have been a few changes around here, so here they are. The Maile's had a baby girl yesterday. By all accounts she is doing wonderfully, and is now named. Meleane Jacqueline Maile. (The first name is pronounced like Melanie but with and island flare...I'm not even going to try to explain...) So, with Mom and Dad Maile being in the hospital, it's given us a chance to have pizza together! By the way, I have a new favorite pizza which is super cheap, which I will reveal later. I have to use it a few times to impress people before I can tell you how to do it yourself! So, here are all the children enjoying the aforementioned-pizza.

(All except Cooper in the high chair...he just got to watch)

Also, now that the Maile house is getting a little busier, Tim has come here to stay with the Brousseau's for a bit. He couldn't have been more thrilled considering that he brought ALL his Wii games, and they have theirs out and ready. (Has anyone actually sat through Zelda before? I think I should get a medal.)

I'm also a little worried for this cat.

Tim laid eyes on him as soon as he got here and has labeled him a friend. I think exactly what he said was that, "Cowboy is the most curious and inquisitive kitty!" So, keep this little guy in your prayers...he's dealing with Tim and Grayson.


The Shavers said...

That poor cat!!! How could you just leave us on the hook like that!!!! I need to know about the pizza, and you can't even impress me with it since I live nowhere near you!!! you have to give it up ;) only if you want to ;) love you guys

Anonymous said...

"If you want too..."
Cooper looks so cute in the high chair! Sitting there, part of the action but blissfully unaware of what's going on.
Thanks for all the updates sweetie.

Anonymous said...

Tim looks in rare form. By the way, what is the pizza?

Life According to Scott said...

I am so impressed with this last blog wow all the pictures... Might I just add how wonderful everyone looks.
I wish I was there with you all. Thanks for the updates. give that new baby a kiss from uncle scott.

Love you all!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of medals...I get one for sitting through ALL of the Pokemon movie!! And...did anyone notice that in the last picture, Tim AND Kitty have exactly the same expression??!! Love, gma