Monday, September 29, 2008

Strange Times

I've been unsettled lately as we've been watching the news and hearing reports of what is happening right now with our nation's economy. I have to admit that initially hearing the reports about banks failing was strange to me. I wasn't excited about the repercussions, just hearing that something so big and unfamiliar was happening was new. It's like hearing of a really huge blizzard coming your way. You know that it's going to make life more difficult, probably interrupt schedules and lives, and perhaps even become a danger to other people's lives. But, you don't realize these problems until you are older and have experienced the problems firsthand. As a child, or someone who hasn't experienced the storm before, you just feel the anticipation of experiencing something everyone is so anxious about.
So, initially that is how I felt about the situation. But, as things have progressed, I've become a little more wary. I am certainly not an economist, and I don't know as much as I should about lawmaking and things, but I can tell you that I have been very disappointed watching the news today. I am concerned about the tentative plans to fix what is happening, but I have been more disappointed watching our countries leaders bicker and blame each other. As I watched that, I started to feel very worried.
I've been reading blogs that have been posted from older families about how grateful they are that their food storage and things are in order, which only makes me feel a little worse. I just wanted to send a shout out to all the families who are in similar situations as us.We're all trying to heed the counsel to prepare, it's just different for each family. Steven constantly is reminding me that Heavenly Father is mindful of every situation and he knows how hard we are each trying.
I'm grateful for a few things. As a family, we're working on our food storage and emergency supplies. We don't have quite what we should, be we're trying. Most importantly, we have General Conference this weekend! I can't think of a better time to hear from our leaders and the Prophet. I am very anxious to hear their counsel and to feel of their spirit.
I'm grateful my husband is level-headed about this. I would probably have packed everything and had us up in the mountains somewhere by now, but Steven reminds me to stay calm and not panic. (I'm awesome.)
I think our Country is going to be okay. And I think all of us families are going to be okay too.


Monica said...

I totally get the whole "blizzard is coming" feeling too. I do not understand it all, but as time keeps going, the more and more scared I become too. Thanks for sharing.

Life According to Scott said...

Aman Sister... It is also kinda of like are you prepared! Do you have a years worth of housepayments ahead, are you out of debt, do you have enough food storage...

Is it time to build your ARK!
Love you

Camille English said...

I have been feeling the same way lately. But I know we will be taken care of He is mindful of us I know. I too am very excited for confrence and am praying I get to watch at least the parts I need to without interuptions from the girls.

Hannah said...

Hi, I found your blog when I was doing some "food storage" research and your post came up since you mentioned it. My friend and I started a food storage blog a few months ago - it's a step-by-step guide. Feel free to check it out - I hope it helps!


BigMamaCassie said...

Yeah, Cassie, I am totally in the same boat as you with the inward freaking out thing! My husband is telling me as I type that the spirit is/has been preparing us for this, and that I need to not panic! Call me sometime!

Josten and Sarah said...

I totally freaked out too when I first heard about this. But luckily, we as members of the church have known this would happen, and know what to do. If you are doing what you can right now, like your husband said, the Lord will be mindful of you. He has prepared his church to be able to have enough supply for it's members, not that this, by any stretch of the imagination be a crutch, but more of an assurance that if you're doing what the Lord has asked, and you still come up short, you will be taken care of.

Anonymous said...

Listening to conference should have helped some. The messages were very reassuring.


Anonymous said...

I was also on the edge of my seat, figuratively and literally, to tap into grand counsel...and tap in we did! What a wonderful lead-by-example...little was said of the calamities (in fact, there were hardly any warnings as there have been for my last nearly 40 years of church membership...probably because what we were being warned of has, in part, arrived.) but much was said of being cheerful, long suffering, optimistic, kind, giving, counting blessings, looking past the dark, seizing the joys of life in the moment, etc. I LOVED IT!! Let's go, guys, spread the Word and the Word is CHEER!! Love, mom