Saturday, August 30, 2008

For Steven....

So, last minute I decided to hop on board for a trip to Utah. My mom and brother were headed down to Orem to help my sister and family as they welcome their 6th baby girl.
My mom was transporting their new van down to them, one with adequate seating for a family of 8. Knowing this, Cooper and I hopped aboard to go see some Utah folk.
I promised that I would try to keep my blog updated so Steven can see what's happening.
For years some of you have held true to the idea that mom isn't crazy. I now have solid proof that she is. I present to you a picture of mom cleaning the windshield of the van with Windex and paper towel. On the outside. Before the 12 hours of freeway time.

We were lucky enough to get to split our trip in half with stop in Boise. We grabbed a quick dinner with some of the Zellers who got into Boise about the same time as us.

We made it into Utah in time for Tim, Naki, Matt and Jackson to make it to the BYU football game. They went early, and from what I hear got the VIP treatment by Naki. Sounds like everyone had a blast, especially Jackson who go to score his first touchdown in the Cougar end-zone after the game. While the boys were at the game, us girls, (plus Gray and Coops) watched at home and had some pizza. Cooper was able to start taking in the Maile girls. He watched every move and tried to participate as much as possible.

And....this just in....Cooper decided to finally start sitting up by himself. With his Grandma. Traitor.

We love you Steven!


Camille English said...

Cute, He's become such a chunk!

Anonymous said...

i miss you sweetie! You and the coops left quite a void here, but i will see you soon; and with any luck will bring donuts for the children that are good.

Anonymous said...

Good photos, Cass. Miss all of you and see you soon.


Anonymous said...

Lose is sitting with me and is now determined to be "good!" for donuts. We asked her about that and she said she is going to make it a goal. When asked when she would start...she said, "TOMORROW!" Perfect!!

And, I completely and unequivocably deny "crazy!" I didn't want to stare through a streaked windshield for 12 hours...really!! Ooops...OCD again, I fear!

Love, gma, Lose, Maile Family and anyone else who stops by!!