Saturday, January 12, 2008


I think it is safe to say that I am a Bravo channel addict.

I love all the shows on Bravo. From Top Chef, Real Housewives, Project Runway...anything! Steven is not such a fan of T.V. He lobbied most of our first year of marriage to do without, I of course was unwillingly. Most recently, I have mostly been watching Bravo. It doesn't matter if it is a new show or an entire season that I have seen before. I turn the T.V. off with Bravo on, and when I turn it back on, amazingly, Bravo is still there!

This was all well and good until Steven realized that his Dad appreciates some of the shows on Bravo. Since this discovery, Steven has been a bit more curious. For example, I will be sitting on the couch watching, and I can feel a presence behind me. The longer I sit still and quiet, the longer he stands and watches. I think the worst moments for Steven are when he has been watching and has a question, but he doesn't want to acknowledge that he...

A. Knows what the challenge is

B. Knows the characters names

C. Is prejudiced against one character or another but doesn't want to show he is rooting for anyone in particular.

So, this last week I was watching Project Runway, and I turn around to kiss my husband goodbye before he leaves for scouts, and this was what I discovered.

When I of course told him he couldn't leave the house in this ensemble (that's my coat), he retorted with, "I've seen them wear stuff like this on the show!"
So, everybody. I have a problem.
Do I continue to watch Bravo and watch my husband lose his wife-inflicted sense of style? Or do I stop watching and hope that all that he now thinks is stylish goes away?
Something tells me that it really doesn't matter...


Mama Kaos said...

This is so funny!

Randi said...

I personally, would go with the outfit. HA! Let the boy experience some drama!! HAHAHAHAHA. I love this story.

Candy said...

Cassie, can you believe the fun you get to witness everyday in your very own home... I wonder if Cooper will be as "fashion forward" as his father?

steven said...

thank you, i am very shiek.
When cassie and I first met she wasn't allowed to shake my hand because i had just had 20 warts frozen and i was wearing blakc socks red shoes and green pants rolled up to the knee. and she's still here.

line said...

i'm glad you finally noticed it. you had a really bad problem while you lived at our house. hahaha! line