Saturday, May 2, 2009

Strength In Numbers

This morning Steven and I went and visited one of our newest nieces, Lydia. On the drive back we realized that we have had 7 little girls born into our extended family in the last year. We first marveled at how amazing that was, but then I realized that of course it wasn't an accident. With the way the world views women these days, I felt so grateful to know that out daughter is going to grow up amongst some really strong females. Her cousins, and her beautiful, strong aunties who are raising them. I firmly believe that it does take a village, and somehow Abigail's village ended up being predominately female.
Love you girls!





Lydia (Brand new)

Emma (Brand Brand New)

So lucky.


Anonymous said...

Boy, did I ever get proud seeing these photos. What a great bunch we have. Thanks to everyone for everthing. Grandpa D.

Anonymous said...

What a remarkable reflection...and incredible string of photos...more precious than the most precious string of pearls ever!!! And this string is...FOREVER!! Love, mom/gma

The Shavers said...

I totally agree Cassie, it is so great to know that these girls will grow up knowing who they are and know that they are (or will be) women who should be you guys, and all the little girlies!!!