Saturday, June 7, 2008

Okay People...

Things here a little crazy. No, we haven't completely fallen off the map. Last week we enjoyed my youngest sister's wedding. It was so fun to have all our family around for a week. I have lots of fun pictures from the experience, I'll have to post those later.
After the family took off, Baby Annie came! My sister Candy had her baby on Tuesday...yay Annie! She weighed 5 lbs 9 ounces when she was born. She is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, and I can't wait to see her more!
When everyone was taking off and things started to settle a little more, Steve and I noticed that Cooper didn't quite seem to be himself. He seemed really sluggish and he appeared to have lost some weight. So, Steven took Cooper to the pediatrician, and he immediately ordered tests and blood work. Turns out that Cooper had lost over 1 pound, and had dropped to the 25th percentile of weight for his height.
The following day we went to the radiologist and they conducted some tests for us. They made Cooper drink a bottle of Barium, and then as it went through his digestive system they took x-rays. We soon discovered that the muscle that connected Cooper's stomach and small intestines had gotten so thick and tough that it wasn't allowing food to pass through. Hence, the projectile spit up. So, typically this test takes about 15 minutes for the bottle to go through the digestive system for babies, and for Cooper it took 6 hours. After visiting with our pediatrician, we were sent to Sacred Heart Hospital in Spokane.
The first night we were here they took some blood work and found that Cooper's electrolytes were more then three times off from where they should be. We were told that even though our surgery had been scheduled for then next day, they were now anticipating that we would have to wait almost a week to get Cooper to where he needed to be for his surgery. They think that Cooper's muscle started to close when he was about 3 weeks old, and since has just gotten a little thicker each day of his life, and now it's completely closed.
So, the first morning we were here Steven left to go feed the dogs, and while he was gone the surgeon came and told me that because Cooper's potassium levels were so low, they were worried for his heart. They moved us upstairs to monitor him a bit closer. While we were upstairs the put a "PICC" into Cooper's arm. Which is a very teeny catheter which empties into his heart. To make sure that the catheter was in the correct place they x-rayed Coop. It was in the right place, but they also found that the Barium which he'd had almost 35 hours earlier still sitting in his stomach.
So, the next day we had an ultrasound to confirm the diagnosis, and it did. They found that Cooper's pyloric muscle (the one between stomach and intestine) is over twice and thick and twice as long as it should be.
So, today we are waiting. All of his electrolytes are where they need to be. He's receiving nutrition through his IV, and we are hoping for surgery either on Monday or Tuesday.

The first night we were here, we had a really sick boy.

He's gotten so much better! He now has a lot more color in his face, and he's laughing and talking to us. We are so grateful for miracles and priesthood blessings.


Brousseau Family said...

It's hard to explain but I have tears in my eyes because I am sitting here remembering what his coloring looked like when we were there and compared those memories to the pictures you posted. He looks so vibrant and happy. Although this time is stressful and worrisome - at least you have an answer and can anticipate his recovery and that life will be easier for him now. We love you guys. Stay strong.


The Grimmett's said...

WOW! What a crazy experience. My niece was at Primary Children's in Salt Lake for the same type of thing! I am so sorry that you have to go through all of that. We will definitly be keeping Cooper in our prayers! He is so dang cute! I am glad that he is feeling a little better! Good luck with everything!

Renee' said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Cooper! How are you guys holding up. Dom was hospitalized when he 4 mo old so I know what's it's like to have a little one in the hospital. Is there anything Vince and I can do? We live about 7 min away from Sacred Heart so if you need anything...just ask.
My cell is 710-3310
Would you like some company sometime? I would love to share a hug during this hard time for you.

The English's said...

I was at Sared Heart for two months and then some with Kendal I cried when I saw your little guy. We're on the South hill, soo close if you need me I would love to help. Even if you just need to get out of there for a while but not too far. Let me know. Kendal's Surgeon is Dr Thorne if you get him He's Awesome.

Monica said...

Oh my! I am so sad. Blake had the same problem, except his was not as severe and went away with out surgery, but I know how it feels to be worried about him. I hope all is well otherwise. And you are right, thank goodness for priesthood blessings! Good Luck.
Monica and Justin

jackielegg said...

I am so glad you thought to bring your camera. He is so sweet and looks so little in that big bed. Are you allowed to hold him? Is he allowed to eat yet? I can't believe how strong you and Steven have been. We are thinking of you and praying for you three. Love you so much.

Toby and Tammy said...

It's no fun to be in the hospital....we know about that! It's so hard to see your precious baby and not be able to help him. I too am sooo grateful for Priesthood blessings! You guys are in our prayers and we hope all goes well.

Jessica said...

Good for you and Steven for being so observant. How stressful...thank heavens for medicine AND the Priesthood, huh? Keep us updated!

Annie Sorensen said...

Oh my goodness! I am so sorry to hear about Cooper. We have been out of town for a bit, so we didn't know! How is he doing now? If you need anything, please call us. 262-9157
The sorensen's - TYler and Annie