Thursday, January 27, 2011

Apparently It's Only An Issue For Me

Steven has been traveling a bit, so yesterday when he was home I took the opportunity to run out and get everything from diapers to blueberries. When I got back Steven met me at the car to unload and informed me that the kids were playing in the backyard. It was strangely warm enough, and I was so excited that they were at least temporarily out of the house. I came to the backdoor to look out at them.

I've seen worse, but I do admit, this much dirt by the door is a red flag.

Who can send a boy outside and not have them be dirty? I wasn't so worried when I saw this.

When I saw this I began to worry. He has a bucket full of dirt? And he's feeling creative with it? Yikes.

I knew it before I saw it. She didn't seem to mind, and she actually was standing still under the bucket for her dirt shower.

The whole time I was washing and washing trying to get that dirt out of her hair, the rest of my family was looking at me like, "What's the problem?" I guess it's my issue!

P.S. Don't let the picture fool you. The whole time this one was explaining in exquisite detail how much she doesn't like teething...


Jackie said...

This one has me laughing... OUT LOUD. Boys, boys, BOYS. And what a sweet sister to let him have his fun. Those three are so adorable!

Kiley said...

Blythe is getting so big! During the summer the kids have a constant layer of sand on their scalp :) Miss you guys!

Anonymous said...


dad said...

Did anyone get in trouble? If so, who?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if I have ever got dirty like that?! love.tim\uncle tim