Thursday, February 3, 2011


Almost every morning this girl wakes up at about 5 or so for her first bottle. Usually that means that Steven goes and gets her, then feeds her between us in our bed. When I wake up eventually I wake up to her big chubby face about 4 inches from mine. She's gotten a bit grabby so that wake up is a bit more abrupt then it used to be, but I swear it's still the best way to wake up.
Thanks Babe!


Anonymous said...

I was richly blessed by being Blythe's seat-buddy at Sacrament Meeting today for Cousin Covelli's blessing. What a tender baby she is...just blends right into your arms...was even willing to fold her arms for the much heaven-sweetness right there in my lap!! Love, mom/gma

dad said...

Grandma is right. She is the best.

Anonymous said...

she is best no doubt about it!! love,tim\uncle tim