Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mothers Day Gifts

Happy Mothers Day!
Today was an amazing day for me, it was my first Mother's Day! I had a wonderful day, and I received so many gifts that I wanted to say thank you for, so here goes!
Thank you to Candy who sang the National Anthem at the Shock game. It was so fun to hear the anthem without frills or question did amazing and I was so proud of you I cried! (For some reason I also cried when the team ran out...I'm such a loser. Go Shock!)

Thank you to Tori for teaching me how Javier's eat hot dogs. Like Bananas!

Thank you to Sammy who taught me that sidewalk chalk is mildly edible, and an accessory!

Thank you to Tori who showed me that boogers and Dorito dust make a paste that your hair can stick in. Good to know just in case I ever have to make a pair of paste pants. (Anyone?!)

Thank you to my husband for making my biggest dream come true, and for being the most wonderful and loving father.

And last but not least, thank you to Cooper who did this on Steve instead of me.

Happy Mother's Day!


Anonymous said...

i love it little wifey!

David & Wendy Pendergrass said...

Wow, that is a true mother's day gift on Steven right there! Way to go Cooper!

It was so fun to see you guys!I wish we could have spent more time together!

Bizzer said...

Oh my goodness she sang again??? Any video that I can see? I am so glad that you had so many wonderful gifts and you never know when your leather pants might get too hot and you need paste pants!!! I am also glad for you that little coop did that to his daddy instead of his mommy!!! Love you guys!!!!

jackielegg said...

Candy looks beautiful, the kids and the baby burrito are adorable, and it's not so bad if they show a little parental favoratism in some things, right? Hahaha!

Brousseau Family said...

Oh my gosh - I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. . . Can't wait to see you guys. Does the spitup smell yet?


Toby and Tammy said...

Great post! Love the last one. I would've died. I'm not good with bodily fluids....

Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

Jessica said...

We were at that Shock game! Candy was completely perfect! I was very impressed. (And I cry about totally dumb things like that...especially sports related stuff.)

Anonymous said...

I've got tears running down my cheeks but can't honestly say if they are laughy or tender ones...oh wait, they're both!! Love, mom