Tuesday, October 20, 2009

While the Mommy's Away..

So, I'm down in Utah with my family, and Steven is at home trying valiantly to corral a bunch of little kids. Today I got this email from him..
Children have their own daytime soap opera
forbidden love - -cooper leave hippo alone!
runaways - you don't have a diaper on!
death - you got the spider!
sudden shocks - why did you turn off the show?
twists in the plot - you're poopy...and you're poopy...all at the same time
more to come.
Miss you Babe!


Camille English said...

So cute. Let me know if he needs any help! camilleenglish@gmail.com
I'm so sorry about your families tragedy. Your in my prayers

Anonymous said...

So funny and cute!! Love, Tim/Uncle Tim

Anonymous said...

What a brave man!! And, "someone" is a very talented writer...VERY!! Love, mom/gma