Monday, October 12, 2009

Too Fun

Things have been pretty busy and fun lately. We've had birthday's, out of town visits, and just general craziness around here. (Candy is putting pink is Lizzie's hair this very moment. It looks awesome.)

I love this picture because this is pretty much the energy I'm feeling around here lately. Cozy, but crazy. Gotta love having so much family around.

Have fun in Boise James!


Ginny said...

OH mannnn that sounds so fun! I miss miss miss you guys, all of you. Heart you!

Candy Javier said...

I really thought Steven was pretending to take pictures.


Anonymous said...

I hope you didn't get lost cuz last time when we went to Boise for arena game I kept saying..."Go that way, go that way!!!" Love, Tim/Uncle Tim

Anonymous said...

"COZY!" What a great word to describe family!! Love, mom/gma