Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Toilet Miracle

So, a few days ago while I was putting away laundry upstairs (this piece of information is important because it proves my theory that laundry sucks and doing it only causes problems..)
I was putting away laundry and Sammy came upstairs to tell me that Cooper had gotten him all wet, and through some intense questioning I learned that Cooper's older cousin Sammy had taught him and his younger cousin Annie to flush things down the toilet. To make matters even more inappropriate they had been flushing our Little People Nativity down the toilet.
So, the plumber was called and he patiently took our toilet off and manage to pry all of these guys out of the toilet. (That's 9 toys total that got stuck and didn't get in the main line. Miracle.) While he was pulling them out Abby cried out, "There's Christmas in our toilet!" Which is a true testament that there is good in every event, and also that you can find the spirit of Christmas anywhere.
Huge thanks to Scott for rushing right over and teaching the kids such a huge lesson.
Hurray for other people with kids who have done this before!


Abby said...

Oh my freaking word. This is hilarious! I can't wait to tell the girlies what their crazy cousins have been up to. I love "Christmas in the toilet". Of course, I just think Abby's genius in general though. :) So glad those suckers didn't start their journey through the entire system.