Thursday, August 19, 2010

These Stinky Kids

These stinky kids are doing amazing!
Cooper amazes me everyday. Sometimes he makes it very clear that he is two, but sometimes I feel like he knows things before I can tell him. Since we brought baby Blythe home, his verbal skills have completely taken off. He definitely thinks he is in charge of his younger sisters. Blythe doesn't seem to mind too much, but Abby might feel differently.

Our little Babby definitely keeps us on our toes. Her increasing verbal skills seem to mirror Coopers. Someone once told us that Irish twins often come up with their own languages, and I would say that that is true for ours. Abby loves to kiss her sister ALL the time, even if she can only get to her feet.

Our little Blythe is a month old today! She is such a sweet, peaceful spirit.
She is starting to be more and more aware of whoever is holding her. She looks right at us, something her sister really did too. We feel so lucky that our children share such affection for each other...even if it is fleeting sometimes!

Love you guys!


dad said...

Yep, pretty neat kids and so happy, too. Must be doing something right.

Anonymous said...

Oh my are right...these Irish Twins really do have their very own language. I listened in amazement during some Grandma Time the other evening...Love, mom/gma