Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Cooper. Oh Cooper.

Cooper's learned some stuff lately.
He no longer feels the need to stay in his bed at nap time or bedtime. He tries to get out of bed even in front of us. If we are lucky enough for him to stay in bed, don't worry, he takes care of it by stripping everything off. I mean everything.
It's cool.

He knows if he's real quiet getting out of bed he can probably hide for a while before we find him. (Shown here behind the shower curtain, standing in cat litter from when he kicked the litter box and gave himself away...)

But, then he has his moments too. He loves to give kisses. A lot.

He loves his family.

He LOVES his sister, even though she may not always be as receptive and pliable as he might like.

He's crazy, but we love him.

How could we not?!


Kelsee said...

I love the little feet peeking under the shower curtain. So dang cute!!! -Kelsee

Camille English said...

I would never think he could EVER be bad with how sweet he is at church. He's adorable

dad said...

Getting a little sneaky is he? I can remember you at that age and I know where he gets it. You got away with it too, by the way.

Anonymous said...

crazy cooper i think he reminds me of myself during the years!! love, tim\uncle tim

Anonymous said...

Any little boy that runs cheering to the door when his grandma walks in is 100% A-OK!!! No matter what!! Love, mom/gma