Monday, June 1, 2009

Thank You Randi!

Just a quick thanks to Randi for our cute stroller. Cooper totally loved it.
(I realize in the pictures it looks like he's popping out the front, but he seemed pretty comfortable)

My favorite thing is little babies in onesies...Happy Summer!


Randi said...

I am glad that it is working out for you! It has just been sitting around for almost a year. so cute. LOVE the double cribs. You guys are nuts. :)

Anonymous said...

Total success with the stroller...and...SEE YOU TONIGHT!! Love, Tim/Uncle Tim

Anonymous said...

Look at Cooper's arms...they are thinning out...he looks ready for kindergarten!! And "Abby in the onsie"...she is mesmerizing...REALLY!!! They are sooo brother and to think of them waiting for the school bus together, etc. Love, mom/gma

dad said...

I love the look on Coop's face in the second photo, and Abby looks so innocent and sweet. Marvelous.

Grandpa D.

Monica McCoy said...

The weirdest thing for me is that Steve looks like a grown up dad in that picture. It kind of freaks me out knowing that I'm only a few months younger than him. We're too young to be getting old. What the crap?!
See you guys soon! We're heading up there this week!