Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fallen Off...

So, I'm still on the face of the earth, just a bit busy lately.

This week we had our Davis Family Reunion, Davis Wedding, and Javier arrival.

Our family gathered at the Daines family cabins this week, and it was so amazing to be together. I can't believe how big all my nieces and nephews are. There were a few that I hadn't met yet, and it was so fun to get to know them.

Secondly, Matt and Kami are married! Their wedding was super cute...simple and genuine. I am so grateful for the opportunity they have to start again together.

Lastly, my sister Candy is back! We are so happy to have the Javier's around again. Suddenly, I have Cooper/Trooper, and Annie/Abby. It's tricky.

Sadly, I was so busy/exhausted our reunion that I don't think I took a single picture. I made myself feel better by justifying that Randi was going to take pictures for us. (I did that when Abby was born too.)

We're back!


Kelsee Webb said...

I was starting to get a little worried! Yeah for Matt! Yeah for Candy! Yeah for Cassie to find a few minutes to herself! Welcome back!

Abby said...

Cass, thanks for ALL your hard work that went into making the week a success! I know that a lot of planning goes into making a family event success. I know our girls absolutely LOVED every minute of their time there and that's a HUGE tribute to you and Steve! It was great to be around to see the amazing woman you are! You truly are a WONDERFUL person...and you're husband…he’s aight! LOL Just playing.

Steve your AWESOME! Thank you so much for your generosity and hospitality! You were such a gracious host! Please thank you family from my family for allowing us the opportunity to gather in such a beautiful place. You two are doing GREAT things and your children are beautiful and very peaceful! That speaks volumes of the kind of people you are!


dad said...

Cassie, the reunion was an event for the ages and will never be forgotten. I believe the windows of heaven will be opened up for those who give as you do. The words thank you simply do not carry enough meaning.

Anonymous said...

looking forward for all there missions that is the true future!!!
Love, Tim\Uncle tim

Anonymous said...

Wow!! All this love AND growth for all eternity...I can hardly believe it..."Families Can Be Together Forever" means so much more when you think of each and every member of OURS!!! Love, mom/gma

PS...Cassie ROCKS!! What a terrrrific reunion...great memories...I simply cannot wait until next year!!