Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Is Crying Okay At Rodeos?

I always cry at rodeos. Something about the American Flag being paraded around by a horse gets me every time. It always reminds me of the times when our country was founded, and it makes me so proud to be an American. It was a double whammy this year since the woman carrying the flag was fighting breast cancer so all the cowboys and cowgirls wore pink to support her. Yeah. I bawled. But guess what? My kids bawled too. So much in fact that we had to leave early. Both nights.

So, I guess crying is okay at rodeos.

This year we got to see cousin Harley! Abby loved grabbing at her, they were too cute.

Shortly after the playing, Abby and a very allergic Daddy went to the truck to take a nap. So Cooper got some time to check out all the animals. (And some time to check out Grandma, he's still not so sure what she's about...)

She'll wipe is nose every ten seconds, I swear. Wipee or no wipee...

In my children's defense, Abby has never really been in a crowd before, and there was a very loud man sitting next to us who was very prone to yelling..(Thanks a lot Tim!)

And Cooper had just had it by the time the rodeo came around the next night.

It's okay, he did great last year. (Look how little!)


Brousseau Family said...

I love this post! And miss the rodeo. . . We've got to go to one down here next year. . . His hair is adorable! How long are you going to let it grow? I normally don't love longer hair on boys but his so cute - keep it growing!

Ginny said...

Cass you look so gorgeous! Momma makes being a cowgirl look extra glam. Love Coop's curls. And Harley is a dollbaby! And those are my comments. Haha!

dad said...

I cry at rodeos, too. In fact, I seem to tear up these days every time the Star Spangled Banner is played. Having traveled the world can do that for a guy; especially one who is so blessed as I am. Sorry that Coops didn't make it through the whole rodeo, but it gets pretty long for a little guy.
I have to agree, also, that mom looked more like the rodeo queen than she did.

Anonymous said...

It was not just me that yelled, either, count on it...those single adults that were just below us were quite more different than I was!! Love, Tim/Uncle Tim

Anonymous said...

Thank you, kind souls! As for the nose...if it needs wiping...I'M YOUR MAN!! WO-MAN!! The time of summer is marked by each rodeo for me...one of those times when I am at one with the Universe. How fun to have my babies share it with me...also marking time by their growth...good grief, Cooper, what a year!! Love, mom/gma