Thursday, July 30, 2009

Auntie Candy

We felt pretty lucky when Candy and her kids came to stay with us for a few weeks while their family went through the relocation process. I can see her influence everywhere.
I love her calming happy presence, and Abby does too.
However, she introduced accessorizing to Cooper.
Thanks a lot Auntie!


Brousseau Family said...

Gorgeous cooper. . . Does he by chance have heels on too?

dad said...

We all know that it didn't come from Candy. She got it from Mom first.

Ginny said...

Accessorizing!! Must pass down the tradition lol. And how come his face doesn't look baby in this picture? He can't grow up!

Anonymous said...

glad to be home now candy! love,tim\uncle tim

Anonymous said...

A richness of calm, companionship and glitz...PERFECT!! Love, mom/gma